MX Missile : Input List

Note: we are an instrumental band and only require vocals for between song banter. Thank you, we appreciate your help & skill in presenting our music to the audience!!! Questions can be forwarded to [email protected] or Greg MacDonald at 403-816-5143 ----

Drums (Victor):mic’d depending on the size of the room

Drum Set Includes: kick/snare/2 rack toms/floor tom/HH/several cymbals L & R and electronic drum module.
Percussion to Drummer’s Right Includes: several cowbells/ bongos/timbales/chimes & block (on floor)
The following would be a simple & efficient drum setup. More mics are good to if time and resources permit.:

1. Mic: Kick
2. Mic: Snare
3. Mic: Overhead Right
4. Mic: Overhead Left
5. Mic: Percussion/ timbales/chimes to drummers right
6. Line Input (Phono Jack) Right
7. Line Input (Phono Jack) Left

Note: For productions with limited space or limited mics such as a DJ show, we will often use the electronic drums ONLY. This will reduce the number mic inputs and use two line inputs only. In these cases we will therefore use no drum mics.

Bass (Greg):
8. DI required for bass

Lead Guitar (Jason) Stage Left
9. Mic: Combo amp: Guitar1 Right
10. Mic: Combo amp: Guitar2 Left

Greg’s Setup: Greg plays keys & samples and bass – Stage Right

He will require a monitor to hear the keys. Depending on the system available, there should be less of a keyboard mix for the rest of the band.

Keys (Greg):
Greg’s keys & electronic instruments are all mixed on stage. Greg requires 2 XLR cables plugged into his mixer for a stereo mix to the main board.
12. XLR Right
13. XLR Left

14. Vocal mic1 – stage right
15. Vocal mic2 – stage left